38 - Amazing Local Fishing In The UK


After a very uncertain year, fishing has been a safe haven for many existing anglers. But a huge boom of new anglers means this year is a better time than ever to try new things when fly fishing. From new PBs to new species and tactics, this article challenges you to change up from your usual and change the way you fish.


We all love our trout here in England so no surprise they are number one on the list for most anglers this year. But do you only fish wild or stocked trout? It can be a real challenge going from stocked Rainbows on a Stillwater to wild Brownies on a tiny river. But why not give it a try! One beautiful wild Trout can sometimes be as rewarding as 10 Stockies. This can also be said for keen river anglers who rarely fish stocked still waters or fisheries. A chance at a larger bag of fish and being able to fish different tactics to the river can lead to a great change of pace.

A change of flies and tactics can keep the sport fresh and get you excited every time you pull up to the water. Here are some of our other articles more in depth on tactics.

For large stillwaters : 




For small Rivers:




With many international travel restrictions being in place at the time of writing, more of us will be looking for our fishing holidays in the uk. From the lochs of Scotland to the Coasts of Cornwall, there are so many challenges to be had. Here are some of our alternatives to trout that will keep the lines tight on your travels.



Bass can Provide some of the most exciting days out you can do in the UK. From the shore or hiring a boat or kayak, if you are on the coast this year make sure you pack a rod and some flies and give it a go! They can be tricky to find, so it’s well worth doing your homework and trying different tides but that’s all part of the fun!

 Here are our tip picks for Bass fishing:


Half & Halfs




Saltwater Floating Line


Poly Leaders



Carp fishing can often be best when the other fishing is hard as nails. A slower pace can be a welcome change when on holiday and carp can provide a nice day out for angler and family. With most carp waters being sheltered and fishing best when its warm, it’s hard to not enjoy your time even if you blank! And with the chance at fish 10lb + its always exciting knowing what might be below your fly. Our top picks for carp fishing:


Dog Biscuit 

 Bread Fly




Kicking Beetle



With more of us fishing local than ever lately, which is the most viable and commonplace fish to go for with game tackle? The perch has to be right up there! Found in locations from city-rivers to urban canals and ponds, this obliging fish offers some of the cheapest fly fishing in the UK! Our top picks for perch:

Mini Viva

Epoxy Minnows

Perch Jig

Black Tadpole




Pike can be a daunting idea to some fly anglers. Large flies and Large teeth can put a lot of people off. But Pike are an amazing thrill of the fly. Before you set out, try to hook up with someone that knows a bit about pike fishing or watch a few pike handling videos. Its no good catching these wonderful creatures if you can’t handle them and return them safely to fight another day. Pike are best targeted in Cold conditions due to their fragility in warmer water. And always check the season where you fish as Pike are often only winter sport with the exception of some canals.

Our top picks for Pike:

Pike Pliers

Big Fly Line

Drop Shot Minnows

Pike Streamers




Another common species that eats a wide variety of insect life and grows to a good size, the chub is a fantastic fish to catch on the fly. Any time during the coarse fishing season on rivers (16th June to 15 March) is worth a go, with dry flies fun in the summer and streamers and nymphs in the winter.

Our top picks for Chub:


Kicking Beetle

Death Wish Ant

Foam hopper