55 - Fly Fishing Money Saving Tips


Life might be getting rather expensive right now, but your fly fishing needn’t break the bank. There’s still some amazing value to be had, whether that means hunting down essentials for less, or finding low cost and even free fly fishing where you live. Nor do rods, reels and bigger items have to cost the earth. Especially if you shop smart with us! Here are a host of smart ideas, special offers and ways to go fly fishing for less, whether you’re on a budget or simply looking to save money this season.


  1. Make your flies go further

When it comes to kit care, too many of us neglect our actual flies! Over time, these can get tired. Hook points become dulled with repeat use, while moisture creeps into our fly boxes and bags.


Thankfully, there are two really easy things you can do here. One is to pop one or two little desiccant pillows into your boxes. These come in all sorts of product packaging- and covid tests! You can even gently tape them in place so they stay put.

Another great shout is a hook sharpener. If any fly looks tired or has seen a few trips, just a few quick strokes will bring the point back to match fitness. So simple- and you’ll get more hook ups as a result. A sharpener is included in our brilliant all in one tool, of course!

Our Four in One Tool has a hook sharpener, as well as snips and a knot picker.

  1. Get your passport to great value!

These days, you don’t need to spend megabucks to enjoy some lovely river fishing. Passport schemes are just awesome- and much cheaper than private syndicates or other day ticket options.

Whether you live in the South West, Wales, Midlands or North, there are some beautiful stretches of river to fish. All of the booking can be done via phone or laptop and with prices from as little as £6 a day, the sport of kings doesn’t need royal sums of money!


  1. Make your fly lines last longer!

Aside from your rod and reel, it’s fly lines that perhaps take the most hammer out of all our kit. So why do so many of us treat them like dirt? A few simple steps make a huge difference here. Giving your line a quick clean after each trip makes sense- and Cortland even make dedicated fly line cleaning products (below).

Cortland Fly Line Cleaner Accessories- Ideal for getting your line to go further!

Treating the end of your floating line to a little Mucilin from time to time is also a must, which helps it to float crisply. For even better value, especially with river fly lines, a double taper (DT) option is another good shout. This means that when your fly line gets tired, you can simply take it off and reverse it (literally use the end that was attached to your leader to tie to your backing) for extended play!

  1. Share the journey and drive smart

With fuel prices surging in recent months, longer trips can get expensive. Why not travel with a friend? Do this and fuel bills are halved in an instant. Similarly, though, many of us ignore very simple ways to save money when driving. Keeping tyre pressures correct is one way to make your car more efficient. Another easy one is to drive just a little more moderately. If you regularly pelt along at 80mph on the motorways (tut, tut!), the simple act of dropping to 65mph will save you as much as 20% on fuel. Over a year, that amounts to literally hundreds of pounds. Smooth driving, with less sudden acceleration and braking also saves a lot of fuel. Taking it steady also saves stress and speeding tickets, it’s worth remembering.

  1. Bulk deals and fly sets offer maximum value

If you’re looking to stock up on flies, there is a really simple way to maximise your money, and that’s to go for bulk deals and selection packs. You get more flies per pound, it’s as simple as that. We stock a big range of themed sets, boxed selections and more.   

Our Seasonal Fly Selection Boxes provide amazing value

  1. Smarter deals with rods and reels!


When looking for a new fly fishing kit, it’s often better to go for a rod and reel deal or similar, rather than buying the parts individually. Check out our range of fly fishing setups for some awesome value, whether you want to set up for river fishing or pike on the fly.

Kits such as our Cortland Fairplay Sets (above) give you a complete outfit at a great price.

  1. Buy bulk hooks to tie your own for less

If you tie your own flies, it makes sense to get the essentials in good quantities to get maximum bang for your buck. Hooks are a prime example- and you’ll typically save 25-50% by buying your most commonly used sizes and types in numbers. Stored in a dry, safe place they last indefinitely, too.

CLICK HERE for some amazing bulk hook deals.

  1. Grab it before it’s gone!

For some the best value flies ever, our clearance section is always worth look. Here, you’ll find everything from trout and salmon patterns, to saltwater and pike flies at bargain prices. CLICK HERE to browse our current clearance offers  today- and be sure to bookmark it!

  1. Free and thrilling saltwater fishing!

Did you know that there’s a vast, free fishing venue in the UK that needs no license or special permission at all? It’s called the sea! Bass are perhaps the best target of all- with estuaries a great bet for plenty of fish. Mullet, mackerel and pollack are also a great challenge, however. Some of our previous articles make perfect reading- so do peruse our archives for loads of great tips HERE.