44- Must Have Fly Fishing Accessories

8 Must have fly fishing accessories!

Of all the various fly fishing tools and gadgets, there are those that are clever and useful- and others that you simply wouldn’t want to be without without, ever! So, aside from the obvious things like rods, reels and a landing net, which tools and essentials would walk straight onto your list? Here are eight highly recommended items well worth a look, whether it’s for your own creel or as an ideal fly fishing gift for someone else! 

Line snip and hook sharpener (Turrall 4 in 1 tool) £9.99
It’s crazy how many anglers still don’t carry line snips and a hook sharpener. If you constantly use your teeth on leaders and never sharpen well-used flies, you not only risk damaging your teeth, but are sure to miss lots of fish on the strike! This clever tool kills not only these birds, but two others with one handy stone (it also features a knot tyer and a hook eye clearer). 




Cortland Net Release £10.99

Ok, so it’s not quite as essential as the actual net, but without a means of keeping this where you want it, even the best net isn’t much use. This simple but brilliant design saves a world of hassle, allowing you to forget your net is even there, up until the very moment you need it. 





Quality straight jaw forceps (£10.99)

The vast majority of us wouldn’t leave home without some means of unhooking fish- but even so, it’s crazy how many of us make do with rusty pliers or really poor quality forceps! Spending a bit more for a really solid unhooking tool is worth every penny- and these precision forceps won’t let you down even with awkward hook holds. They also feature a hook eye cleaner as a bonus.  For those who target toothy, or larger mouthed fish we also stock longer pike pliers




Pro Trout Priest £14.99

For any angler who regularly takes fish for the table, it’s inconceivable not to have a means of administering “last rites”. Indeed, there’s nothing worse than fumbling around for a rock or other substitute when your catch is thrashing on the bank! This is quite simply the best tool for the job we’ve ever had in stock. Smart, ergonomic and efficient, it’s the best trout priest you could wish for. The name might say trout, but of course it’s the ideal way to dispatch just about any fish humanely, whether it’s a bass, mackerel and other species.




Bamboo Classic Fly Box (£23.99) 

For anyone who invests money on quality fishing flies (that’ll be every one of our customers!), you’d be silly not to get yourself a top notch fly box or three. There’s a world of difference, however, from the cheapest available and models that are really well made. Go for a box that is durable, seals tightly and floats on water if you drop it! We stock several models- but the Turrall Bamboo is timelessly brilliant and will last a lifetime.
Top tip: Besides a tight sealing fly box, another great way to avoid your flies getting damp when stored is to save up any little packets of silica gel you find and place one in each of your fly boxes, to absorb any moisture and prevent rust over time. 




Black Mesh Leader Wallet (£4.99)
While it’s not exactly life and death, a means of storing your leaders and leader materials neatly and safely is a must for any serious fly angler. The alternative is that nightmare where you reach into a pocket and a massive tangle of line comes out! This neat item solves this headache instantly, smartly dividing your spools to stop things tangling. The black colour helps prevent sunlight decaying fine leader materials, while the mesh material ensures that even should you get soaking wet, your spools and labels will quickly dry out. 




Stripping basket £24.99
For any angler who regularly wades tricky waters, or indeed fishes on banks full of brambles and snags, a line tray is an absolute must. Not only is this item your best friend for saving time and frustration when wading salt water or a powerful river, it will also help protect your fly lines from getting damaged. A win-win! 






Flies Online Stream Kit (£12.99) 

Last but not least, if you’re looking to get several accessories for the price of one, this excellent item does that all in one neat package. Not only do you get a fly box, but forceps, line snips, a line cleaner/ straightener and fly vest zinger all in one place! Among the best value fly fishing accessories you’ll ever buy, regardless of whether you fish rivers or stillwaters! 

Fly fishing essentials and great gift ideas for anglers! 

Of course, there are various other items every fly angler uses not on the above list, from leader materials to fly treatments. We have hundreds of items at amazing value- perfect for treating yourself or as gift ideas for the fly fisherman in your life!  

Check out our fly fishing gifts selection for further inspiration on your next special occasion!