26 - 10 brilliant fly tying materials to boost your creativity!

  • Hemingway’s Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quill (£3.49) 
    For creating beautiful, segmented wet and dry flies alike, tyers just love this material! It is every bit as attractive as real quill, but so much easier and less fiddly to use. It comes in a great range of colours, too, for creating stunning flies such as quill bodied dry flies such as the Beacon Beige or Quill Gordon, not to mention Perdigon nymphs.
  • Tungsten “off beads” (£3.99) For fast sinking nymphs, these are just brilliant. Not only do they look fantastic, but will turn your standard flies into jig style “point up” patterns by flipping the hook round. Fantastic quality finishes for maximum attraction! 
  • Turrall UV Killer Fritz (£2.50) Want to give your lures an extra deadly touch? Easy to use and available in various bold colours, this material is magnificent for streamer bodies! Named after our bestselling Kennick Killer fly, it’s one of Turrall’s all time bestsellers.
  • Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing (£2.69) With just the right blend of bugginess and subtle flash, this product is superb for flies of many kinds. For those who love a classic Black and Peacock or loch style fly, it’s especially brilliant. Don’t say it too loud to the traditionalists, but it can be more effective and easier to work with than the old school materials.
  • Turrall Grizzly Marabou (£1.50) All tyers of lures will be familiar with marabou, but this product adds that extra something special to your streamer flies. Whether you go loud and aggressive, or pick out barred olive or other subtle colours for your realistic patterns, it’s a fantastic product to add to your fly tying bench.
  • Foam terrestrial fly bodies (£2.99) Want to create fantastic, easy to fish beetle style dry flies? If so, these are just the job. Pre-cut beetle bodies avoid mess and hassle, whilst being super buoyant in the water, avoiding the need for floatants and additional faff.
  • Fluorescent wool (£1.40) Love tying flies with a brightly coloured butt or hot spot? Well this is will be right up your street! One of the best fly tying materials you could find for livening up all kinds of patterns that demand just a hint of extra bling, especially when livening up attractor and loch style patterns.
  • Hemingway’s Realistic wings (From £4.99) From ultra life like caddis wings, to those for daddy longlegs and terrestrial flies, this product range is a winner! Easy to tie with, durable and brilliant fun to use when concocting your favourite dry flies.
  • Squirmy worm body material (£2.75) A game changer, or the slag of all fly tying materials? That’s for you to decide. The purists might hate it, but for the rest of us it’s well worth experimenting with this material. In particular, it could be a fantastic addition for fussy or lethargic trout, or indeed other species! Indeed, we’ve heard of perch, chub and even wrasse caught on squirmy flies.
  • Turrall complete bucktails (£4.99)
    Ok, so it’s among the most old school fly tying materials going. But bucktail is still so incredibly useful, especially for those who need to tie lots of durable streamer patterns. It’s also an essential for flies such as the Clouser Minnow and Dahlberg Diver. Look no further than the Turrall range for beautifully bold colours and premium quality!