21 - 10 Great Fly Fishing Gifts for Every Budget!

10 Great Fly Fishing Gifts for Every Budget! 

It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for a fly fisher. We’re all different in terms of our tastes and level of experience, after all. So what makes the ideal flyfishing Christmas or Birthday present? Here are ten great suggestions for fly anglers of all preferences, whether you’re looking for a cracking stocking filler or that special gift. We’ve covered every price point, from angling gifts under £10 to quality starter kits.

  1. Flies Online Stream Kit (£13.99) 
    Perfect for: The disorganised or forgetful angler! 

Here’s a brilliant gift for any angler who spends as much time fishing in their pockets as the local river! On one side, we have a quality fly box; on the other, a handy bundle of essentials including line snips, forceps and fly line cleaner. Fantastic value and highly practical! 

  1. Multi species fly selections from the stars! (From just £5.99)
    Perfect for: The fly angler looking for a new challenge

Besides all the tried and trusted favourites, it’s always great to stock up with the latest patterns from today’s innovative fly tyers and anglers. Whether it’s special flies for carp, or patterns aimed at pike and perch, we stock some uniquely different selections from the likes of Peter Cockwill and Dominic Garnett. 

  1. Seasonal fly selections, for river or stillwater fishing (£34.99)
    Perfect for: Stocking up on just the right flies for the time of year!

    Now here’s a clever shout to take the headache out of picking the right flies. Our seasonal fly boxes provide the perfect flies for the time of year, whether it’s March or November. With both stillwater and river options also on the cards, this is a great way to avoid mistakes and gift an angler proven flies that are just right for the season.  


  1. Sportman Bumper Fishing Rod Holder (£14.99)Perfect for: Any angler who wants to protect their favourite rods! 

One of the best fly fishing gadgets we’ve seen in years, this item makes the side of any car into an instant rod stand! As many of us know to our cost, it only takes a gust of wind or the slam of a car door to damage or smash your favourite rod. Avoid costly accidents by investing in one of these brilliant magnetic devices! Each provides a roost for up to five rods, so your pals will also thank you for keeping their gear safely away from slamming doors and clumsy boots! 

  1. Cortland Fairplay 9ft 4/5 wt Pro Flyfishing Outfit (£79.99)
    Perfect for: Newcomers or any angler looking for a quality entry level river and small stillwater fly rod 

Known for their outstanding fly lines and rods, Cortland have really excelled themselves with this amazing value fly fishing set up, which offers quality way beyond the usual starter packages. Including rod, reel, fly line and leader for well under £100, this outfit is ideal for small to mid-sized rivers, or indeed as an enjoyable lighter outfit to try on small stillwaters. Just add flies! 

  1. Trout Bottle Opener Keyring (£2.50)
    Perfect for: Any fly fisher who likes a tipple! 

We don’t know many fly anglers who are averse to a refreshing bottle of beer or cider. Hence this stylish, durable bottle opener makes a great little tool to celebrate another successful fishing trip! Combine this item with a few bottles of their favourite beverage and you have a really refreshing fishing gift. Cheers! 

  1. Turrall Bamboo Fly Selections (£44.99)
    Perfect for: Any angler who loves classic craftsmanship! 

A bestseller for several years, it’s not hard to see why the fly fishing faithful love these boxes. Fashioned from split cane, they are beautifully finished. Add a selection of award-winning flies and you have a present that any angler would love to receive! For those that tie their own, these stylish, deluxe fly boxes can also be bought separately in a range of sizes. 

  1. Hemingway’s Realistic Fly Selections (£15.99)
    Perfect for: The discerning river fly fisher

Not all flies are created equal. Granted, these are among the more expensive- but for the fussiest of anglers –and trout!- these wonderfully convincing flies are just the ticket. 

  1. Turrall Premium Fly Tying Kit (£69.99)

 Perfect for: The keen angler looking to start fly tying

There’s only one thing more enjoyable than catching a fish… and that’s fooling it on a fly you crafted yourself! This excellent starter kit is the gateway to a fascinating new hobby in its own right and includes all the tools, materials and instructions to get going.  

  1. Set of 50 Bargain Mixed Flies (£9.50)Perfect for: Filling up their fly boxes on a budget!

It needn’t cost the earth to buy a decent quantity of effective flies. This is where our amazing value bulk deal comes in! Packed with a mixture of wet and dry flies, every bundle is different and provides varied and exciting options. Quite simply unbeatable value!