45 - Top Fly Fishing Stocking Fillers


Looking for ideal fly fishing gifts that hit the spot without breaking the bank this year? We can help! Here are just some of our selection of perfect Christmas presents for fishermen and women, suitable for any budget. Don’t forget, all orders over £25 get FREE delivery. 

Fly fishing gifts under £10

If you’re on a tight budget, these are the items for you. We have some of the best value fly fishing presents, accessories and offers you’ll find. Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices of some of these items, however, as we have flies and accessories any fly angler will love. 

Fly Selection packs (From £8.99)


With lots of options for under a tenner, our fly selection sets offer flies you can trust at brilliant value. Whether it’s dries or wets, river or stillwater patterns, these selections give you some great options at a very friendly price. 
Recommended for: Anyone looking to build a fly collection! 






Floatant holder (£2.99)
A fantastic addition to any fly fisher’s vest at amazing value! Available in black or brook trout (shown) this little accessory keeps dry fly floatant to hand at all times. Add a bottle of dry fly floatant and you’ll still have plenty of change from a tenner! 

Recommended for: The river fly fisher





Clearance salmon, saltwater and pike flies (from under £1.50!)

For those just starting out,  short on time, or just looking for an affordable way to stock up, look no further than our clearance section. We have some excellent special offers on salmon, pike and saltwater flies at bargain prices. In many cases, half a dozen flies will set you back under a tenner. Add a fly box and you have one of the ultimate bargain fly fishing gifts! 

Recommended for: Any fly fisher looking to stock up! 



Hoorag Face & Neck covering (£6.49)

A must for the travelling angler, hoorags keep the harshest of the elements off your face and neck. Highly versatile, you can wear it several different ways, to cover just your neck, your head or most of your face. Also makes a more comfortable face covering than the regular face mask in the uncertain covid times we’re living in. 

Recommended for: The travelling angler




Zap-a-Gap Multi-Purpose Fly Fishing Glue (from £2.99)

 Now here’s a really useful stocking filler for any fly fishing addict. Whether it’s gluing eyes on a fly, securing knots or even patching up waders, there’s a product that fits the bill perfectly. Great value and so many uses!
Recommended for: Any frequent fly angler.







Fly fishing gifts under £20!
Moving up in price slightly but still leaving change from £20, we have some superb gift ideas for the fly fishing addict, from fine quality fly tying materials to stylish fly boxes. 

Window display fly box (£12.99 or less)

If there’s one item every fly angler can add to their collection, it’s a quality fly box for their next creations or purchases. Here’s a lovely version to display their favourite fly patterns in style at an affordable price! Of course, you could also buy a few flies to fill it with, to make an even more perfect fly fishing Christmas present?
Recommended for: Any fly fisher! 





Hemingways Dubbing Dispensers (from £16.99)

For the serious fly tyer, Hemingway’s make some of the best fly tying materials and dubbings going. These dispensers are fantastic addition to any tying bench. Not only do they offer a big choice of colours, they also save space and mess! 

Recommended for: The discerning fly tyer 






Hemingways Realistic Fly Selections (£15.99)
These incredibly life-like fishing flies are the Rolls Royce of trout catchers! Beautifully tied, with legs, wings and other details that have to be seen to be believed, they’re artificial flies that any angler would be pleased to add to their collection.
Recommended for: The fussy fly angler.  



Fly fishing gifts under £50 

If you want to push the boat out a little further and provide a real treat for any fly fisherman, the options get even wider. Here are some game fishing gift suggestions that any angler would be delighted to receive. 



Turrall Fly Pod (from £26.55)

It can be a tricky task to pick the right selection of flies for an angler- but these selection boxes take the guesswork away at amazing value. Based on themes such as dry flies, daddy longlegs or nymphs, each package gives you a great selection in a quality double sided box. The hot heads (pictured) are a fantastic option for winter fishing on stillwaters.
Recommended for: Anyone looking to stock up on particular fly types.





Peak Premium Fly Tying Tool Kit (£49.99)

Here’s a fantastic fly tying bundle for anyone who likes to tie their own! Top quality tools include fine quality Dr Slick scissors, hair stacker, hackle pliers and the brilliant Pick ‘n’ Brush dubbing teaser. 

Recommended for: Fly tying enthusiasts. 







Cortland Classic 333 Fly Lines (From £24.99)
A top notch fly line needn’t cost the earth with this brilliant series from Cortland. Pick from trout, saltwater or intermediate versions and get excellent casting performance at a price that’s hard to beat.
Recommended for: Anyone looking to replace tired, old fly lines.