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Fly Boxes

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Fliesonline Slotted Foam Fly-box
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The CFL range of Fly Boxes comes in various configurations. The main box is strong, deep, and robust with a silicon seal to help keep water out. 

Dimensions: 196x110x42mm


This swing leaf version has slotted foam inserts, and can hold an incredible 910 flies if every slot is filled.  Ideal for keeping all your nymphs or wets in one box.

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£7.99 £7.19
This is a great little box!  Small enough to fit in a waiscoat pocket, but due to the swing leaf, it holds an amazing amount of flies for it's size.

Approximate measurements are 12.5cm x 9cm x 4cm

Made from strong plastic, this is a really useful little box.

Available in Green.
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£24.99 £22.49
A handsome handcrafted pocket-sized fly box crafted from mellowed split cane. Slotted foam inserts securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure. Finished with a natural satin lacquer, this beautiful box is lightweight and floats.
Classic (138mm x 108mm x 30mm)
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£22.99 £20.69
Bamboo Fly Box Slimline, a slimline version of Turrall classic bamboo box. The fly box offers the same slotted foam on one side, with magnetic closure and brass hinges. Perfect pocket sized box which holds approx. 5 dozen trout flies. 135mm X 95mm X 21mm.
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£32.99 £29.69

Beautiful handcrafted Grande Bamboo Box - 195mm x 105mm x 35mm

Holds up to 100 flies.

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£14.99 £13.49

Unique box from Turrall, made from high density foam, strong magnetic latches and a durable hinge.

Capacity up to 260 flies.



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