33 - The Top 10 Selling Flies of 2020

The Top 10 Selling Flies of 2020


Fly anglers could endlessly debate their favourite fly patterns. But which flies sell the most numbers through a year of online sales? Our 2020 list reveals a selection of firm favourites along with a surprise or two.


Gold Rib Hare’s Ear (£0.50)

No surprise with this super reliable pattern. We sell hundreds and our customers catch everything from rainbow trout to grayling. A very versatile fly and a key pattern for any fly box.

Pheasant Tail Nymph (£0.50)

Another dependable classic, this is possibly our best selling river fly, although it can be an excellent pattern to stalk rainbows with, too.


Bead Head Hare’s Ear (£0.50)

Even more practical than the original, this fly is fantastic in small sizes for river trout and grayling.

 Blue Dun (£0.50)

Sales of dry flies and river patterns were well up this year, and this was one of several very popular choices. We stock many of our dries right down to sizes 14 to 18, which tend to be popular with those who fish the smaller streams.

Diawl Bach (£0.50) 

The “Little Devil” has rarely been outside our top 10 in years. A brilliant little nymph and one of those must have fishing flies for any stillwater trout angler.


Black Gnat (£0.50)

Interestingly, our best selling dry fly is small, black and subtle this year. A good pattern for hot weather and summer hatches of small, dark insects on the rivers, or indeed during a lake buzzer hatch. 


Bibio (£0.50)

A great fly for any natural stillwater or loch, this traditional favourite had an excellent year.

Black Spider (£0.50 to £0.95)

So simple but such a great all round fish catcher. Several variants, such as the Clyde style spider pictured above, sold very well this year.


Black Pennell (£0.50)

Good to see this traditional favourite still finding its way into your fly boxes. It’s a fantastic pattern for any breezy day on stillwaters, especially for brown trout.



Gold Bead Blue Flash Damsel (£0.65)

A definite favourite for those who fish weedy stillwaters. Trout just love the colour combination and profile, and you can fish it like a lure or more slowly, like a nymph.