Pike selections

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Existing pike patterns tend to be very large and quite unwieldy to cast.

You dont need huge flies to catch some serious pike!

Hence our range of pike flies should offer a user-friendly alternative, easliy cast on an eight weight outfit.


The flies:

Frost Bite-

A favorate for canal and drain fishing, with a bit of everything: some flash, a blendlight anddark materials and a loud 'Hot Spot'.

It also has a light hair wig that renders the pattern a relatively slow sinker, making it ideal for 'hanging' in pockets of weedy or shallow water.



The loadest of the trio, with pleanty ofmovement and very useful for slightly more coloured water.


Black Beast

Ideal for all conditions, but especially slow days, cold water orlethargic pike, black is a very underrated colour for pike.

Theres something highly attractive about a bold silhouette and with the addition of special uv materials from turrall, this fly really does have something extra !