Perch Selection


Of all the coarse fish that will take a fly, Perch surely one of the most abliging, but so far nobody has produced any specific patterns.

With pike flies too big and trout versions on the small side, the new Turrall versions meet a welcome niche in this regard, by design these are absolutely spot on for perch.


The Flies :

Perch Special-

A terrific all-rounder, with movement, flash and a red wool tag that makes a nod to tradition.

This is the perfect fly for shallow lakes, rivers and canals- or can be used with a sinking line for bigger and deeper waters.


Perch jig-

The option for low lying fish and deeper water.

With 'clouser' style eyes it fishes point up, making it les prone to snagging and with an attractive up-and-down motion idel for deep lying perch.