Chub Selection

Chub Selection
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Is there a more obliging fish to tackle with a fly rod than the chub ?

You'll catch them on nymphs and streamer all year round, but it really doesn't get much better than summer fishing with big, juicy dry flies.

Cricket and kicking beetle have rubber legs and a strong outline.

The legs give an extra bit of disturbence and are ideal for grabbing the attention of a greedy chub.

Green stimulator and letort hopper are super buoyant flies that can be used to create a wake across the surface or while fishing 'dead drift' on wide fast flowing rivers.


Chopper- A fly designed to represent a drowning terrestrial, with an inmissable helping of legs and body on display.


Jasper- A firm favourite in the attention- grabbing category, with a foam body , its virtually unsinkable and ideal for those days when takes come thick and fast.