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Tenkara Flies

What is Tenkara Fishing?

Tenkara is a Japanese technique which uses a very long rod with an extremely fine tip.  The cast is fixed to the end of the rod, and there is no fly line or reel involved.
In the right situation and conditions, it has a lot of advantages. 

  • On the river, as there is no flyline lying on the water, presentation is almost drag free.
  • You can fish extremely fine nylon due to the very thin rod tip.
  • No flyline splashing in the water means you can cover rising fish without spooking them.
  • You can fish standard nymphs or dries very effectively with a Tenkara rod.

What are Kebari Flies?

This style of reverse hackle fly is the traditional Japanese fly used in Tenkara fishing. The reverse hackle pulses in the water to suggest movement in the fly.
The drag caused by the hackle against the river flow also helps to keep the line tight, and stops it lying on the water.
Our Kebari flies are tied on top quality barbless hooks.

Amano Kebari
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Angkor Kebari
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Light Olive Kebari
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